We Are All Children

As a child we are mostly in a free state of joy and curiosity, learning about the world as we grow and have fun. As many of us get older, we lose this wonderful feeling of zest.


One of the biggest obstacles I have encountered along my journey of self-development is procrastination. This may sound relatively harmless, but as the years go by, all of the time we spend procrastinating can pile up and turn into months, years or even decades of wasted time.

The True Power Of Music And Emotions

Music is something that is universally appreciated, but often underestimated in its true potential. Music provokes emotions which are one of the greatest powers we have for our evolution.

The Power Of Honesty

Honesty is a powerful tool that is often underestimated along the journey to a greater life. Being truthful to yourself can provide amazing inner strength and freedom.

How To Create Your Reality

We all have the power within us to create whatever life we choose. Once we become aware of our true potential, we can use it for building a life of heaven. Here is a short video on how to tap into this power and use your mind to break negative programing and become whoever you truly want to be.


How To Make Life EASY…

Living a life of ease means learning to stay poised and calm through out life challenges. Progressing from one experience to the next along your journey whilst remaining centered and balanced.

5 Ways To Have An AMAZING DAY Today!

We’ve all had those days when things just don’t seem to go our way, but how we act during these times is always a choice. Here are 5 ways to break the spell and have an amazing day today!

MOTIVATION – Self-Confidence 101

Self-confidence is simply the art of believing in yourself and having the power to let go of the things that aren’t serving you. Go after what you really want in life and choose a greater path.