Book a one on one session with the creator of The Light Space! If you’re looking for coaching in spirituality or business, we’ve got you covered. Rates are only £50 per hour.

One On One Session


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What my Customers Say About me!

I was experiencing changes in my perception of the way I saw the world and explored many avenues that didn’t quite pan out. After searching for a while I found The Light Space on YouTube. The content was immeasurably insightful and exactly what I needed to make sense of what I was experiencing. I knew I had to set up a coaching session. Rowan offered a lot of great insight into how his journey unfolded and I was able to find parallels and integrate his advice into to my own quest. Our talk was very productive and I feel like my path is clearer.

Dan, USA

Rowan’s coaching enabled me to overcome my anxiety and my overthinking. Thanks to some very strong advise he gave me I can now see life with a brand new positive perspective and I am one step closer to enlightenment.

Eddie, France