The Science Of Enlightenment

Science and Spirituality are finally merging with one another! This video explains how and what this could mean for our future.

How To Become Enlightened

Here are some simple steps to help you along your journey to becoming enlightened!

How To Be More Creative

Weather you're just starting out on a new hobby or a master of your craft, here are a few tips to maximise your creative potential.


We all have the power to transcend our day to day limits with the right practices. This videos covers some very advanced techniques to help you become superhuman!

The Different Stages Of Enlightenment

This video covers the various stages you'll reach along the journey to Enlightenment and what they look like, based on my own personal experience! 🙂

How Advanced Can You Become?

There are many levels of advancement along the journey of personal development. One of the greatest heights is being in perfect control of the mind body and spirit. A feeling of oneness, no sense of separation and connected to everything.…

Why You'll Never Need Therapy

Dynamic Meditation - We all have the power to heal ourselves and be our own therapist. Here are some powerful tools for overcoming inner conflict without having to pay for hefty bills! I have no issue with…

The End Of Suffering

Most us are taught that struggle is a natural part of life, but this is just an outdated belief that can be broken. When you take action to eliminate the things that bring you pain, you can begin to live a life of continuous heaven on earth,…

What Is Self-Mastery? 2

Special thanks to Self-Mastery is the art of mastering your internal condition. There are several levels, but the most advanced is being in a continuous state of heaven. Follow the guidance in this video to make bliss your natural…

What Is Imagination?

The true power of our imagination is often underestimated. We’re told to stop daydreaming and live int he “real world” from a young age, without realising this entire world is filled with creations that were once nothing more than a thought…

The Power Of Intuition

Cultivating a strong sense of intuition is one of the most powerful practices we can cultivate as the heart is the most powerful part of our body. Try some of the exercises in this video and let your inner compass grow and lead you on to new…


We all have the power to heal ourselves. With new beliefs and up to date treatments, anything is possible. Thanks for watching. Light and love 🙂     Information: Hypnosis…

How To Experience Heaven On Earth

Heaven isn't just a fantasy waiting for us in the afterlife. It is very possible to achieve heaven on earth and even understand the science behind it. Achieving self love, creating a life style that revolves around your passions and showing…

5 Ways To Get Through Hard Times

This weeks video covers 5 ways to get through hard times. Life might provide it’s ups and downs, but you have the power over how you react to the situation. Try these 5 tips and see how you can recover fast and even learn to benefit from…

What Is Self-Mastery?

Self-Mastery is the practice of having supreme control over your thoughts, feelings and actions. Though it isn’t the most popular of practices in today’s world, it holds some of the greatest rewards. It requires control over your perceptions,…

Depression Vs Creativity

We all go through times of confusion and depression, but our negative perceptions of these periods can create far more unnatural suffering. We always have the power within us to create change.

How To Understand DREAMS

Our dreams often seem random and without meaning, but they can be used as a powerful intuitive communication for assisting with our life choices.

A Cure For Feeling Lonely...

Learning to enjoy your own company is something that will grant you enormous personal freedom and self-love. The feeling of loneliness often stems from a lack of self-acceptance and compassion.

What Is MEDITATION? - The Sixth Sense

What exactly is meditation? What happens to us on a physical and spiritual level as a result of it? It is a way of connecting to the bigger picture beyond the physical world and awakening new senses that have lied dormant for years.

The Road To ENLIGHTENMENT - How Evolved Are You?

In this video we cover some of the turning points and common encounters along the road to enlightenment. We all reach certain points along this amazing journey, the important thing is to remember that there is always more to learn. We are always…

How To Become A MASTER

Self-mastery means living a life of ease, with great control over your internal world. When you take control of your thoughts, feelings and actions, life can be very easy. With a little practice and discipline, mastery can be achieved by an…

How To Achieve INNER PEACE

This video covers the path to inner peace and stillness. All videos are a mix of knowledge gathered from my own life experiences, books and various spiritual groups. Light and Love!